Monday, February 21, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fun Kitty

Hello All!

The posts have been really deep for a while. I decided to share something fun and playful with everyone: my love of Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty brings joy to millions of people, including me :)
Her general happy demeanour, even without a smile, is interpreted by her fans as the epitome of serenity and cuteness. Emphasis on the cuteness.


This post is an ode to nothing. Hurrah to thinking of nothing, doing nothing, worrying about nothing, saying nothing. Just being. No constructions, no socialization, no “ought to be and ought to do”. No stress. Not  a care in the world. Nothing. Empty your mind. The obstacles of stress, imposed ideals, frustration and worry. Give your self, the brilliant you underneath everyone else, a chance to come out and play. Give yourself a chance to clear up space, so that it may be filled with God and universal love. Nothing is strangely everything that you wanted but never get your self the space to achieve. Think of nothing, be nothing…. Its freedom……its relief…….it’s peace.

Serenity Breeds Contentment

I have a wall-hanging in my office that read “Serenity Breeds Contentment” in Chinese, and some other things of which I’m not sure of the meaning.  I found it at a stall just after I had started my blog and thought it was fortuitous.  It’s pretty as well. I often thought that it was the other way around: that if one was content with their lot then peace and serenity would follow. Almost a happy resignation to the powers that be, and that one should be grateful for what they have.  


the state of being contented; satisfaction; ease of mind.
Archaic . the act of making contentedly satisfied.

I am advocating gratitude for all the positive aspects in one’s life.  However, I have to deal with the preconceptions that follow me and a result of my socialization, experience and general feelings.  Contentment is a state that concerns me.  I have been socialized to believe that contentment breeds stagnation and dulls your ambition.  Ambition was touted as the force that will lead to one’s ultimate success and sense of fulfillment.  Serenity was regarded as ancillary to your ultimate goal. A bonus. I still can’t shake the negative feelings I have around contentment, even though it may be a positive state of being. Maybe. I am not convinced.  Ambition was the stronger message and one I can't seem to shake or reconcile with the benefits that contentment brings.  Maybe its just not me.  I embrace serenity.  Is serenity an enlightened state of peace? I don’t know. Is it the absence of worry, the absence of stress? Is serenity is the gentle force that defeats these things.  Maybe.  I do know that to worry about serenity will ultimately repel it.  There are all these contradictions that surround us.  It is time to unravel these knots of confusion.  This is my journey.  To understand life, and ultimately myself. 

Serenity: A Definition

  1. (n.) The quality or state of being serene; clearness and calmness; quietness; stillness; peace.
  2. (n.) Calmness of mind; eveness of temper; undisturbed state; coolness; composure.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Incredible Likeness of Dealing: Part2

Yesterday I heard a colleague tell me that she was well enough to come to work because it was not physically draining. Bearing in mind that this person had just started off in the working world, I gently cautioned her as to the negative, and often overlooked influences, that stress has on your body.  Sure, your neck gets stiff, you get a bit unfit because you sit down all the time and can't find time to exercise.  You muscles get roped into knots, your skin breaks out and other things, that may not be life threatening. And then you move onto high blood pressure, heart palpitations (even heart attacks), strokes, nervous breakdowns and serious burnout. Why don't lawyers get hazard pay again? I'm sure we can find a way to lobby that one! If your mind is troubled, your body will suffer. No matter how many vitamins you take or how well you eat. Exercise is good but it relaxes ones mind as must as it relaxes the body. So be kind to your body. Think happy thoughts, and if you can make some time to not think at all...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Incredible likeness of Dealing

One in a general state (or appearance) of calmness often gives the impresssion of dealing with life's incredible stresses. But often that appearance of dealing is a self-annihilating sense of denial that will implode a person who is either foolish or clueless enough to endure the suppression of their true feelings.  To vent is your soul releasing the noxious energies of anger and and the smog of frustration.
Tantrums may reflect an emotional immaturity, but truly releasing the sound and fury of one's angst and returning to a state of rest is a step towards serenity.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Mad Battery Chicken Hockey

If you have an Android phone check out "Mad Battery Chicken Hocken". It's really addictive and fun!!!