Thursday, December 22, 2011

Top 10 things to do at the cricket (Test cricket, of course)

1.  Eat mini-donuts
2.  Eat chip n dip/ borewors rolls
3.  Drink vast quantities of sodas/beer
4.  Catch up with friends
5.  Crowd watch
6.  Afternoon nap
7.  Tanning (for White people); chilling in the shade (Black, Indian, Coloured people)
8.  The Mexican wave
9. Stacking plastic beer mugs together
10. Watch cricket


Wanderers Cricket Stadium (Johannesburg)

Super Sport Park (Centurion)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Balloon Ride

This is not a ride in a hot air balloon.  It is a helium balloon tied to a string with a pulley that takes you up and down.  While I am loathed to bring attention to this attraction, as I bought an inflated and misleading Groupon for it, I feel I would be omitting an interesting activity if I ignored it completely.
Here is the deal: a 15 minute balloon ride in a Hyundai sponsored helium balloon that hovers 120 above the ground.  It happens in Montecasion, Sandton and Soweto.  I went to the Montecasino one and had a nice view of the bird park, William Nichol, and the Magaliesberg mountain range.  It costs R75 for a normal ride, and R150 for a sunrise or sunset ride (which provides champagne and chocolates). I went on the sunset one, and the whole thing is pretty decent fun.  If you are a pensioner you pay R45.  There were alot of pensioners when I was there, and it is pretty tame.

Here are some pics: