Friday, August 12, 2011

Joburg Awesomeness: Eating Out

Greatest value for money sushi ever: Kung Fu Kitchen

The one in Grant Avenue, Norwood has really good and reasonably priced sushi.  Their food in general is good and reasonably priced but the sushi is quiet a find. 
Check them out: 

On the whole, the best sushi I've had in Joburg (or ever, really) is from Hokkaido, also in Grant Avenue. Not cheap, but great rice and fresh tasting fish make it a winner.

For sushi in general, check out Grant avenue, I've mentioned it before but its awesomeness bears repeating! I really enjoyed Real Sushi, and have been told rainbow is good.

A Few of My Favourite Things

As I write this post, the song from the "Sound of Music" rings in my head.

Lemon Slices with warm water : a favourite amongst the twilight crowd (and by this I mean people over 60). Warm water and lemon is good for killing germs and makes your blood more basic than acidic, which leads to better health and general well being. It also keeps your skin clear and promotes the breakdown of fats (this I read in Men's Health).  One caveat is that too much is bad for your teeth, and with this I advocate moderation. I often go out for drinks with my friends and order a cappuchino with a warm water and lemon on the side whilst my friends are having lemons on the sides of their tequilas.  Do I feel old: no, I feel happy, healthy and full of vigour. Especially during winter when my trusty lemons helps me fight off those nasty colds! Try it folks!!!

The Revolution of Cuteness

Hello Kitty is these days as ubiquitous as Kordova’s famous portrait of Che Guevara (apparently the most reproduced picture in history!). Go to any flea market or store and you are as likely to find a Hello Kitty branded item as a Che one.  Consumerism is spreading both the message of the revolution and cuteness. I love this Hello Kitty take on it. Guevara noted that a revolutionary must be able to feel love and tenderness in order for him to be effective. I, like many have said before me, believe that the best revolution worth fighting for is the revolution of love.  Some would say freedom, some would say cuteness, and all would be correct. Why limit ourselves, we ought to be able to experience it all. Freedom breeds creativity as much as it does anything else. I would encourage us all to push out capacity to think, create and love.