Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Everybody has their own special talents

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Meditation is the key to serenity

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How I feel about Joburg right now

Orwell v Huxley

To my twitter peeps

Don't be sad, be Awesome

Happy Thought from Louise Hay


Been there, done that (twice) got the t-shirt.
Yeah! Metallica rocked out at Soccer City on Freedom Day 2013. Big Concerts screwed up with opening the gates too late and have too few check in points. Missed the opening act and queued forever. You would think that they would have gotten this right by now. The metal kids were remarkably well behaved and did not riot.
But the concert itself made up for all that pain as Metallica played their asses off and chatted to the crowd like all round nice guys.

It may have been too cold move, but awesome times were still had.

Shots from our seats: happy Metallica filled lights...

 And plenty of flames and fireworks.

Jutastreet, Braamfontein

While normally I avoid the Joburg cbd and surrounding areas, Jutastreet is experiencing a revival. All cleaned up and full of new, colourful and quirky places it offers a lovely Saturday morning out.

I am told Kitcheners Carvery and Bar is something of an institution. It apparently has a great live band and party scene with my mates, Atom Band, playing there last year.

The vibe is chilled and artsy and dare I say it, a bit hipster. Don't let that put you off tho, it felt like being on holiday walking the clean and sunny Jhb streets...

And the quirky art is always fun:

Neighbourhood Goods Market

While I drive through town everyday day on the way to work, I would be forgiven for missing this gem of urban revival. Situated at 73 Juta Street, in an area where I am focusing on not knocking down ridiculous pedestrians, lies the cleaned up and funky Juta street. The Neighbourhood Goods Market is from 9 - 3 on a Saturday morning and modeled on a similar event in Cape Town,  I love how other little businesses and quirky boutiques and shoppes have sprung up in the area.

It is safe-ish for town. I can't promise you won't get shot but I can attest to amazing food, ambience, and friendly, happy people. It is a very family oriented place from young kids in strollers to grandparents and everyone in between getting in on the action. I hope there is renewed investment in the cbd, it has superb potential and plenty of willing supporters!

Plenty of interesting food!

All honey should be honey badger friendly :)

Fresh coconut water! I felt like I was on holiday!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013