Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thought for today (and everyday)

Borg Kitteh

Spinal tape

For a while I thought Spinal Tap was a real band. The actors did reform after the "mockumentary" to release a few songs but before that the band was purely fictional. A case of art imitating life and life imitating art.

The "spinal tape" though, is hilarious :)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Awesome websites

Here are some of my favourite sites that I spend (way too much) time on:

For a daily dose of cute: Pusheen the Cat

For pop culture updates: Soul Pancake

For news: The UK newspaper the Guardian

For more cute: Hello Kitty :)

For fashion: Style Guide CT

Teen but fun:
Birdie wears a tie:

Good reading:
The Nomad's Land:
A Cup of Jo:

Can't wait for the new Star Trek movie!

Into the Darkness opens in SA officially on 14 June 2013, though there are some previews on the 12 June 2013. The Worldwide premiere of the movie was on the 2nd May in the UK and the US opening is the 17 May 2013. I don't understand why we could not have a worldwide release date. Do they still have to reuse film reels? Going to start watching some Star Trek to prep (Khan is back folks).
My favourite movie is definitely Star Trek, though I understand why it sits badly with some fans (was the erasure of history really necessary?)

Voyager is still my favourite series, and Captain Janeway (Delta quadrant warrior and slayer of the Borg)  my favourite Captain with Captain Cisco (the political grandmaster) a close second. I hope there is a new series in the mix. Didn't really get into Enterprise, though maybe that deserves a second look.

Into the Darkness looks amazing! I love Benedict Cumberbach! He was superb in Sherlock and is generally a brilliant actor. The rest of the cast is, of course, delightful! Get ready folks!

Some nights...

The case against hedonism

A bunch of my friends are going to Craft Beer festival this weekend, while I elected to stay home and read/blog/watch tv/find my higher purpose in life. The fact that I don't drink made this decision a lot easier; however, my friends are fun people and seeing them get wasted is not without entertainment value. I am at a stage in my life where the one quiet weekend I have is intensely looked forward to and guarded. The fun finds me, people. There is always some crazy social engagement (drinks, dinners, birthdays, weddings, rock concerts and general debauchery) that is going on. I have been holding out on this blog because there has been no time to blog in the eat/sleep/work/get debauched treadmill; however, for today I am firmly off it and happy on my couch. Maybe I will water my plants (feel guilty about that) or just space out. My wallet and sanity will thank me for this.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blue vervet visitors

Monkeys in Durban looking for a snack and to wreak havoc.

Audio books: making commuting happier

I am enjoying the Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard. It really has made the daily to work and home less stressful and feel worthwhile.

The book itself is fantastic! Check out the youtube video to get a feel of the book.