Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Joburg Awesomeness: Hookerspotting

Yes, you read it correctly. If ornithology is starting to lose some of its appeal there are other birds that may hold your interest.  In the 3 and a half years that I have lived in Joburg I have either lived on or near to Oxford Road, Joburg's suburban wonderland version of Soho and Point Road. In the day ruled by soccer moms in their Porsche Cayenne's, night comes and so does its children. Though I find people who "fraternise" with prostitutes human filth, the ladies (there are only ladies) themselves are beautiful and fascinating. Sometimes I wonder who they are and what will become of them? These tall, slender ladies dressed in their skimpy clothes on even the coldest of nights.  And who approaches them? My boyfriend said that he once saw a black guy negotiate on behalf of a white guy, the white guy standing awkwardly by his car. Police cars pass them by and generally leave them alone. I only once saw a girl in the back of a copcar at the Rosebank Engen garage, while the cops got their supplies.

Which brings me to the spotting.  The Shell garage off Rivonia Road, on the way to Sandton City used to be the place to spot up hookers.  They even used to hang out inside the little garage shop. About a year ago, they stopped going there completely (coincedentally soon after some nearby construction in that area stopped).
The place now to spot hookers is behind Thrupps centre on Rudd Road.  Every night, there are a couple of them hanging out.

Sometimes you can spot some on the corner of Atherstone and Chaplain, but not so often anymore. Last night, I saw some just off Rivonia near Chiselhurston.

So this is my hookerspotting for the time being. Remember: just look, don't touch.